The Hall of the Museum displays several Cretaceous fossils of dinosaurs found in many of the Conca Dellà deposits. These consist of a nest of eggs and dinosaurs bones that lived 65 million years ago, that is,close to the K / T boundary, the point at which these large reptiles became extinct and disappear forever . This is where lies the great importance of the archaeological area in Europe and worldwide, because it is about the last dinosaurs that walked on Earth, which can provide information to their extinction.

The museum offers a series of tours to different sites in the area, such as The Place and the main route Basturs outcrops where you can see eggs, bones and dinosaur footprints.




Hotel Santuari

Pla del Reial s/n,

25600-Balaguer (Lleida)    

Tel. +34 973 449 617

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