Located northeast of the Iberian Peninsula, the rivers Segre, Cinca and Ebre confluence it is called l'Aiguabarreig. It is the largest union of river and probably the most biologically interesting of the Iberian Peninsula.

At the confluence there are hundreds of water meters wide, with numerous islands and the largest woods of the Ebro, large masses of reeds and wide gleres codissos (pebbles), and galatxos pools, sweet lagoons, rice fields and streams. It is also the point of confluence of steppe flora, from the Monegros desert and Mediterranean flora through the Ebro, including some elements of the mountain. The interwoven connection between riverbanks and lakes with a Mediterranean arid environment where frequent vertical cliffs and fruit granted this exceptional biological wealth.

The area of the confluence river is a wetland area of great importance as breeding, wintering and migratory wildlife . The location in the heart of the Ebro depression and the proximity of the Delta will add values as a special connector.

More: www.aiguabarreig.cat

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